Outside Reading: The Progress with Climate Change

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Outside Reading · Outside Reading: The Progress with Climate Change
25 Oct 2021 News, Research, All

What difference can half a degree make? In the context of a day, or the temperature of a room, not much, but in the grand scheme of global climate health, half a degree of warming can lead to catastrophic events for tens of millions of people. We are currently headed for about three degrees by 2100. This is better than the earlier projected four degrees, which was the global track only a few years ago, but it is still not enough. 

World leaders will head to Glasgow next week to again speak on this century's most pressing issue—climate change. According to the Climate Action Tracker, zero countries are currently abiding by the goals of The Paris Agreement, so there is much work to be done. 

This is not an issue that will be solved by the realignment of one sector or by slowly becoming less dependent on fossil fuels. As is likely to be showcased in Glasgow, in order to ward off the most dramatic changes that climate change would bring, humanity is looking at a wholehearted realignment of technology and values.

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