Metropolis Think Tank: Future of Hospitality

Live, Work and Play: Holistic Hospitality

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MA-JOSHWONG-08212019-013 · Metropolis Think Tank: Future of Hospitality
Guido Hartray, AIA (Founding Partner of Marvel Architects) showing the firm's diverse scope of work to other the panelists featured on the think Tank event.
Ana Gonzalez
13 Aug 2019 News, Research

Hospitality design has evolved quite rapidly over the last decade by embracing new technologies, new ideas, and new ways of elevating the user experience. By creating a positive balancing act of living, working, and playing, hospitality as a practice is now met with the challenge of blending all three together seamlessly as the culture and lifestyle of guests continue to evolve.

Our firm opened it's doors to Metropolis Magazine and its Think Tank event. Panelists included Guido Hartray, one of Marvel Architects Founding Partners, Audra Tuskes, Vice President of Design at NeueHouse, and Hans Schaeonan, General Manager for 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. They explored different strategies for incorporating new modes of recreation and work into living spaces, guiding the future for hospitality.

Inclusive discussion on the future of hospitality

Guido Hartray, AIA

(from left to right) Avinash Rajagopal, Editor-in-Chief at Metropolis Magazine; Audra Tuskes, Vice President of Design at NeueHouse; Hans Schaepman, General Manager at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge; Guido Hartray, AIA, Founding Partner at Marvel Architects.

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