LET'S BOWL: 2020 Bowling Season is here

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Bowling-2020web · LET'S BOWL: 2020 Bowling Season is here
Sam Wagner
13 Jan 2020 News, Research

Last week Marvel Architects sent nine of its finest to Melody Lanes in Brooklyn to kick off the 2020 NYC architecture bowling season. Since last year the lanes have undergone major renovations, and whether the goal was to impress the architects or not, we were impressed. The lanes were beautified with newly added giant TVs, oscillating neon lights that illuminated the pins, and bowling balls newly painted to look like billiard balls with solids, stripes, and even a black 8-pound ball. We had a few design notes, but we kept them to ourselves and our sketchbooks.

As for the bowling - I think it’s safe to say that Marvel Architects didn’t just bring the most people, but also the most enthusiasm and perhaps the greatest capacity for high-fives. We cheered, we championed each other, and we high-five'd everyone, every bowl, even after gutter balls. It wasn’t long before the other teams took notice. This season Marvel will bowl against other architecture and engineering firms twice a month. 

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