Sackett Union

Sackett Union is a 140,000 SF mixed-use development in Brooklyn. The project includes 32 duplexes and split-level condominiums and three townhouse configurations, totaling 11 townhouses. 

The overall concept for this development came from developed blocks that existed in 19th century brownstone Brooklyn, which naturally integrated residential, retail and commercial properties along the street front. ©Amy Barkow/Barkow Photo
Façade Detail
By using one material and color in different textures, the façade was given a fabric quality that helps it blend into its 19th century community. ©Amy Barkow/Barkow Photo
Union Street Townhouses
©Amy Barkow/Barkow Photo
Brooklyn, New York
Design Team
Jonathan Marvel, Lissa So, Vince Lee, Nebil Gokcebay, Matthew Peckham, Benjamin Holder, Austin Tragni
Photography Credits
©Amy Barkow/Barkow Photo
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